SECURE Introduces Tenure Track-Like Models Draft

Intending to improve researcher careers across Europe, the SECURE project has released its initial iteration of Tenure Track-Like (TTL) Models through Work Package 3 (WP3). The primary objective of WP3 is to provide comprehensive examples of TTL models, offering recommendations on various aspects such as funding schemes, recruitment strategies, employment practices, training opportunities, and career progression pathways within researcher organizations.

This milestone marks a crucial step towards implementing TTL models designed to enhance the overall research landscape. Through extensive consultation with stakeholders, the idea is for their feedback to help refine and co-design these models, integrating them seamlessly into a consolidated Research Career Framework under WP2.

Drawing upon literature reviews, expertise within the consortium, and desk research on existing policies, Deliverable 3.1 presents the First Draft of Tenure Track-Like Models. This draft outlines fundamental principles tailored for both researchers and institutions seeking to adopt a TTL system. Moreover, it features insightful case studies encompassing various TTL models, supplemented by interviews with selected candidates. These case studies delve into the legal, financial, and administrative dimensions of TTL model implementation, shedding light on challenges encountered and valuable lessons learned.

Structured into several chapters, Deliverable 3.1 includes an overview of the overall methodology for TTL model development (Chapter 2), a detailed exposition of the guiding principles for TTL models (Chapter 3), and a comprehensive examination of TTL model case studies (Chapter 4). The deliverable culminates with concluding remarks and insights into future steps (Chapter 7), alongside annexes containing a full bibliography.

The unveiling of this First Draft signifies a significant stride towards redefining researcher careers, underscoring SECURE’s commitment to fostering a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable research environment in Europe.

Furthermore, alongside the introduction of the TTL Models draft, the SECURE Project also presented its Research Career Framework, highlighting its commitment to improving research careers in Europe.